Oracle Translation can provide you with culturally- sensitive, accurate interpreters and equipment for seamless understanding.

Consecutive interpretation
We offer consecutive interpreting, where the interpreter serves as an intermediary between conversation participants. The interpreter translates what has been said after each person speaks, each section of the conversation is translated without addition or omission.
Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpreting, also known as UN style interpretation, involves interpretation of the content of an interaction in “real time”, or while each person is speaking. Special audio equipment may be required for simultaneous interpretation.
Telephone interpretation
Interpreter conducts interpreting over a three-way telephone setup. This is ideal for short meetings and where its impossible or hard for all three to meet face to face. This service is increasing becoming common due to its reduced cost.
Sign-language interpretation
We have highly qualified British Sign language interpreters who can help you communicate with your deaf clients We provide a free quotation for all services above please request one.