Statement of Truth

Statement of Truth

It’s a document whereby the translator confirms the contents of translation as true. It’s personally signed by our translator. After legal changes introduced in 2010 in the UK, the statement of truth replaced Affidavit which accompanied translations in divorced applications. Affidavits are still used in Northern Ireland courts for divorce purposes.

If you need to translate your marriage certificate for divorce proceedings you may need a Statement of Truth along with the translation. Please seek legal advise whether you need this type of certification. Our charge for providing statement of truth is £30 + VAT. The total fee including VAT is £36. This cost does not include the fee for the translation.

If you need the Statement of Truth to accompany the translation we will need the following information in order to prepare one.

Name of County Court where case is being heard

Name of Petitioner

Name of Respondent

The process can take up-to 5 working days. If you require a faster service talk to one of our project managers who can give you alternative options.