What type of documents do you translate?

We have been asked on numerous occasions whether a particular type of document can be translated. For example a hospital letter, a receipt from a landlord or just a handwritten letter. The reason is, these types of documents often aren’t required to be translated into another language. However if you do need translation of such a document we are able to translate all types of documents. And regardless of the type of document, all of our translations are certified and legal.

We have carried out translation of hundreds of non-conventional document types. Handwritten letters, medical prescriptions, rent receipts, invoices, text messages and emails and any type of document.

This is in addition to the work we mostly carry out, which would include translation of conventional documents such as Legal Statements, Judicial/Trial Documents, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Education Certificates, and so on.

So whatever document it is that you have, just send it over by email, we will give you a quote and a turnaround period, immediately!

The following are examples of just a few: