The Tazkira or Tazkera is the most important ID document for Afghan citizens and serves as a confirmation that a person is an Afghan citizen. The document is normally a necessity in order to gain access to some public services like, for example, the educational system, to acquire and own property and to have different permits granted. Normally, it is also a supporting document for the issuing of other documents from the authorities, such as a passport. People applying for a passport must prove their identity and nationality with a legalised Tazkira.

The ID card known in Pashto and Dari as Tazkira is usually made up of 1 page, written in both Pashto and Dari, the two official languages of Afghanistan. It is issued by the Statistics Department in each district and provincial centres of the country.

Tazkira Translation services

We are a translation company Based in Birmingham, England and specialise in the translation of the Afghan ID cards.

We can deliver the translation of your Tazkira same day, it will be certified and acceptable by the Home Office, courts, solicitors and other authorities throughout the United Kingdom.

Tazkira - Afghan identity card
Tazkira – Afghan identity card

We have a team of Pashto and Dari translators in the office, meaning your documents will be translated fast and at affordable prices while guaranteeing superb quality.

In addition to our translation services, we offer different types of certified translations; this level of certification is required for many official records such as passports and identity cards, birth certificates, last will and testaments, marriage certificates or powers of attorney.

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