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The Greek language is one of the oldest written languages, with historical documents dating back more than 3400 years. The use of Koine Greek by the Apostles is said to have helped spread Christianity. Greek is the official language of Greece, Cyprus, and the European Union.

It is also a minority language in Albania, Armenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Ukraine. It is a member of the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European language family. The majority of native speakers live in Greece and Cyprus, where it is spoken by about 13 million people.

It is imperative to translate the content accurately so that potential customers can get an idea of what you provide and what your company stands for. They can then make informed decisions about their purchases. You will therefore increase sales and increase the global business’s prosperity by accessing foreign markets.

Among people around the world, translation facilitates effective communication. It is a conduit for knowledge, an integral protector of cultural heritage, and an indispensable component of globalization.

The Need for Certified Translation Services

In addition to enabling effective communication between people all over the world, translation is also a courier for the transmission of knowledge. It is a protector of cultural resources and an important factor in creating a global economy. Usually, certified translations are required in many cases for official certificates and documents of a wide variety of types. Listed below are only a few of the common types of documents that often need certified translations:

  • Including Greek Civil Contract
  • Translation Greek Insurance Contract 
  • Academic Records 
  • Translation Greek Police Records 
  • Translating Greek Medical Records
  • TranslationGreek Passport
  • Certificate of Death in Greek Translation
  • Translation Greek Birth Certificate 
  • Additionally, Oracle offers all of these services personally, including Academic/research, Business documents, Brochures, Court documents, Contracts, Engineering documents, Government documents, etc.

 Oracle is proud to offer all these services as per your desire.

The Greek Language: Interesting Facts

These days Greek is spoken by more than 17 million individuals all over the planet, essentially in Greece but additionally, in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and so forth. A lingo of (Greek Cypriot) is additionally spoken in Cyprus. Greek is the authority language in Greece and Cyprus as well as an authority UK language.

  • Greek was the official language of education in the Roman Empire.
  • The Ancient Greeks were the first Europeans to use an alphabet to read and write.
  •  The word ALPHABET comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet (alfa – beta).
  • About 12% of English words come from Greek, mainly technical and scientific terms. For example, mathematics, astronomy, geography, biology, politics, democracy, athletics, and mosque.
  • It is estimated that more than half of all English words that begin with PH were derived from Greek. For example, philosophical, physical, photo, phrase, phoneme, phobia, phenomenon, philanthropy, etc.

Despite its popularity, the language isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It has influenced so many of the world’s languages and will continue to do so in the future. Therefore, the study of Modern Greek should be undertaken as a foreign language.

Why Oracle is Best for certified Greek Translation Services 

We offer a range of translation and language-related services in both English and Greek at Oracle Translation Company, a leading translation company in the United Kingdom.

Oracle Translation was founded in 1998. More than 300 companies trust Oracle with their translation needs, including those in law, healthcare, medical devices, manufacturing, marketing, etc.

The company has an established network of experienced translators, so we can handle language services for nearly every language, including Greek to English and vice versa. We provide the most appropriate native-speaking subject-matter specialists for each job.

You can trust Oracle Translation to provide you with culturally-sensitive, accurate interpreters and interpreting equipment for seamless communication across cultures. 

In short, our translation services comprise;

i: Consecutive Interpretation:

Our company provides consecutive interpretation services, in which the interpreter serves as an intermediary between participants in a conversation.

Interpreters translate what each person says after they speak. In other words, each section of the conversation is accurately translated without omission or addition. 

ii: Simultaneous interpretation:

Also known as UN style interpretation, simultaneous interpretation interprets the content of interaction in “real-time”, that is, while each person is speaking. Special audio equipment is likely to be necessary for simultaneous interpretation.

iii: Interpretation via telephone: 

The interpreter conducts interpreting over a three-way telephone setup. It is ideal for short meetings and when it’s impossible or difficult to meet face to face. This service has become more popular due to its affordable rate.

iv: Sign-language interpretation: 

You can communicate with your deaf clients more effectively using our professionally qualified British Sign language interpreters. Please request a free quotation for all of the services listed above.

Greek Certified Translation Prices

We also provide a free quotation for all Greek to English translations; therefore, you can compare the costs of our services against our competitors quickly and without commitment.

For more information on the cost of all translation services offered by Oracle Translation Services, click here.

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 In short

We realize that only Qualified Members are qualified to translate official documents from Greek into English and vice versa. Oracle provides many types of certified translations and provides efficient and accurate services. We can interpret all kinds of official certificates and documents. Our Greek-language translation services have been remarkably successful over the past year, and we have received excellent reviews from our Greek certified translators.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


1: What are translation services?

Ans; The most common types of translation services that we see are Literary Translation, Professional translation, Technical Translation, Administrative translation, Judicial Translation, Website Translation, Script Translation, Legal translation Medical translation”.

2:Why Your Company Need Greek translation services?

Ans: Translation services provide you with the opportunity to increase the number of potential clients and collaborators as well as to enhance your international standing. 

You can use our cheap Greek translation services in the UK not only for Greece but also for Cyprus and Albania. To do so, we can provide you with translation services for all of your business, financial, legal, and commercial documents into Greek.

3: How similar is Greek to English?       

Ans: Over 60 percent of English words come from Greek or Latin roots. This figure reaches almost 90 percent in the vocabulary of the sciences and technology. Around 10% of the Latin jargon has found its direction straightforwardly into English without a delegate.