Technical Translation Made Easy

We are a specialist provider of technical translations in every industrial field, from aerospace to automobiles, from medicine to military.

When getting your technical document translated be sure to choose the right people – professionals who know what they are doing.

A technical translation has many dimensions to it:

  • Accuracy: technical documents often carry scientific terms, measurements, and graphs these ought to be translated and/or converted precisely and appropriately so as to produce an intelligible translation.

  • Use of Current Language: language is an ever-evolving field of knowledge. An excellent translator is one who is always seeking new knowledge.

  • Industry-Related Terminology: translators always specialise in a particular industry, this allows them to produce work that will synthesise perfectly with the intended industry. We can guarantee our translators will have the above qualities and more.

Having started life as a London translation company, we now have a wealth of experience from our in-depth knowledge of business sectors and complete range of translation services.

Whether the work concerns legal, financial, marketing or media our translators can talk the talk.

Technical translation covers the translation of many kinds of specialized texts and requires a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology and writing conventions.

Different kinds of technical translation include: Owner’s Manuals, User Guides, Technological Product Descriptions, Laboratory Instruction Manuals, Medical Reports, and so on. Simply knowing the terminology used in technical writing is not enough for a perfect translation.

A translator must understand the design strategies that a technical writer employs to plan and create technical communication which are: arrangement, emphasis, clarity, conciseness, tone, and ethos; these strategies are then employed by the translator to produce a perfect translation. Here at Oracle Translation, we guarantee a fully qualified technical translator to translate your technical document.


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