Legal document translation must be certified in order to be accepted as true, Oracle’s translation services simplify the process for you. Translating from one language to another involves native speakers of the target language translating the documents. Legal translations must be done by someone with extensive legal knowledge as well as a background in law.

This is very different from regular translations, particularly when talking about international communication. The law itself is a dynamic field, and the laws that apply will differ depending on the country and region where they are published.

So it is imperative that the translator not only maintains the original meaning of the text but also has legal knowledge relevant to the area where the translation will be published.

Worldwide Significance of Legal Document Translations Services

  1. In addition to affording greater development opportunities, the growth of businesses around the globe has also presented numerous challenges. The law encompasses a broad range of legal issues aside from the contracts between trades. For companies to understand their rights and responsibilities accurately, they need to have a thorough understanding of lawsuits filed in another country.
  2. Every single word in the official documents must be translated accurately since even minor errors can cause drastic changes in meaning. While the majority of the mistranslated words are humorous, this is certainly not an option when translating legal documents since it might lead to serious disputes and expose lawyers to dangerous confrontations.
  3. Translations of immigration documents, patents, legal documents, trademark applications, and affidavits are common in the corporate sector and must be effectively translated from one language to another while maintaining equivalence in the meaning. When evaluating a sentence’s accuracy, the choice of words, syntax, semantics, and sentence structure are considered.
  4. The legal systems of different countries use different terminologies and concepts, which requires that a translator be knowledgeable about three key areas to translate legal texts.
  5. An equally important aspect to be considered is the purpose of a translation. If a translator is translating for contractual purposes, evidence submission in court, or only for information, then he should consider why the translation is needed. Considering all of these factors helps in achieving effective legal translations, thus successfully bridging the gap between legal systems.

General Legal Documents

  • Affidavits
  • Evidentiary documents
  • Litigation support materials
  • Briefs
  • Depositions
  • Transcripts
  • Client billings and timesheets
  • Correspondence
  • Evidence books
  • Preprinted documents
  • Judgments/memoranda
  • Motions, pleadings, and petitions
  • Opinions
  • Stipulations
  • Legal services brochures
  • Attorney profile sheets
  • Legal newsletters
  • Corporate Legal Documents
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Business contracts
  • Prospectuses and public offerings
  • Bylaws and resolutions
  • Corporate agreements and transactions
  • Merger and acquisition agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
  • License agreements
  • Trademark applications
  • PCT patents
  • Family and Estate Law Documents
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Petitions for adoption
  • Petitions for divorce or annulment
  • Petitions for custody
  • Consent forms
  • Wills
  • Trust agreements
  • Codicils

Why Oracle?

Based in South London since 1998, Oracle Translation provides translation services. A leading translation agency in the UK, we have provided translation services to many leading law firms, corporations, and the oil industry. Throughout our organization, we have highly qualified translators, all with degrees, master’s degrees, or DipTrans qualifications.

Translation management at our company is performed by automated systems with complete order cycles available online. The project and order details are displayed on the dashboard. It is an easy-to-use administrative system. Due to Oracle Translation’s competitive rates and quick turnaround time, a 3000-word document can usually be translated within 24 hours. Our success rate of repeat business is almost 100%, which gives you a guarantee of complete satisfaction: customers who are satisfied come back to us!

If your business includes expansion into new international markets, you must ensure that all global audiences understand and respect your sensitive legal materials. Whenever your legal documents are translated or localized, we ensure accuracy so that new customers from around the world can comply with your company’s legal documents.

Furthermore, our legal translators ensure that your personal information is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality, so you will never have to worry about anything important getting lost in translation.

There aren’t any translation jobs too big or too small for us, and we have rates that are approximately 15% lower than other translation agencies.

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Q1:- What are helpful tips to translate legal documents?

  • The original document must be logically organized and structured and the translation must follow a similar pattern.
  • Consult lawyers in the target audience’s area if needed. A professional will be invaluable for witness testimony as well as government-related documents.
  • Be sure you understand your own country’s terminology and rules regarding the ones mentioned in the document.
  • Make sure you understand the purpose and location of the translation before starting the work. You will be more refined in the way you tackle the translation after doing this.
  • It is crucial to follow a language’s specific style when translating legal documents. Legal translation differs from any other type of translation because the slightest error could reopen a complicated or reversed legal process.

Q2:-Are there any types of documents that require certified translations?

Ans: The translation process may be required for a variety of documents, including immigration paperwork, school transcripts, medical records, financial statements, diplomas, legal documents, and government documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses.
According to some documents, the certification may also need to be notarized for an extra level of protection. 

 Q3:-Why hire a professional translator or interpreter?

Ans: Even though fluency in another language is essential in translating and interpreting, the professions involve so much more than just language proficiency. 

Choosing to go without a translator or interpreter could cause quite a few problems for your business, such as damaging your reputation, resulting in a court case, or even causing diplomatic friction!

Q4What is the purpose of affidavit documents?

Ans: Affidavits are used as evidence in a dispute or a criminal case to verify the legitimacy of a claim. An affidavit must be signed by an individual who knows the facts contained therein and swears that the facts are accurate.


Ans: Generally speaking, a sworn translation is an official translation of a legal document or any document that needs to be legally accepted. Examples are birth certificates, academic certificates, or declarations.