We are marriage certificate translation experts. We have translated over 900 Pakistani marriage certificates also known as Nikah Nama. We have 3 Urdu translators in our office that ensure your document is translated fast and accurately for just £88 including VAT. Oracle Translation is the only translation agency that uses UK-qualified Urdu translators in-house giving you better service at a cheap cost. Your translation will be returned the same day.
Nikah Nama - Pakistani marriage certificate translation
Original Pakistani marriage certificate
Urdu marriage certificate translation
Urdu marriage certificate - translation

After we have completed your translation we will certify your marriage certificate, which means it will be presentable to and acceptable by all UK organisations notably the Home Office and courts.

We can also prepare an Affidavit or a Statement of Truth as per your requirement or the advice of your solicitor. There will be an additional cost of £25 for this service.

If you need an Affidavit or Statement of Truth, we will need the Name of Petitioner, Name of Respondent, and name of the court dealing with the case.


How to order your translation?

Email us your document at oracle@oracletranslation.co.uk or submit it through our portal to get your instant quote and pay online.

Before we can start the translation we will need payment. We accept payment via Paypal, Credit and Debit Card.

Alternatively, you are always welcome at our office where you can pay in cash and have tea with us.

Call us on 0121 725 4595 to find out more or email us your document and we will respond immediately.